Annik St-Arnaud is a textile artist based in Tiohtiá:ke / Montreal. Her interdisciplinary practice explores food as material, gender identities and our connection to the landscape. Her work lies at the intersection of textile processes, biodesign and culinary arts. Ephemerality, slowness, connection and the valorization of natural materials are central elements around which she focuses her research. 

Artist Statement 

"I investigate the possibilities of food through cooking and textiles practices, as a way to bring together two areas of research perceived as feminine with the hope of subverting their assigned genders. My aim is to create non-gendered or gender fluid textiles that can operate in a landscape, in an interaction or as a personal ritual. Using food’s potential to create spaces of radical compassion, where experiences and knowledge can differ; I explore the multi-faceted concept of weight; that is self imposed, that it puts upon us, that we carry. It’s a reflection on possession and on ego; a reflection on our perception of the world, the doom we see lurking; a reflection on the collective as healing.


The weight of our body

The weight of our anxiety

The weight of our identity, what is inherited, a debt to be paid

The weight of all the material and objects that compose our lives

The weight of success, of being enough, of striving and surviving

The weight of our past, our future, our end

The weight of what will be left behind, our legacy of stuff."

textiles, visual arts, portfolio